DEBO® Labench®

The laboratory is an extremely complicated environment. Hygiene, cleanliness, durability, and easy to maintain are the most important factors that are concerned to Laboratory operators. Therefore, CHEMICAL resistance, STAIN resistance and ANTI-SCRATCHES are the overriding requirements for a reliable and beautiful laboratory bench.

DEBO® has been upgrading its existing class of chemical resistance Compact Laminate to a new era, resulting in the Labench® that is with ELESGO on top. DEBO® Labench® has extraordinary performance against massive chemicals, which is proved to be much better than any normal grade of chemical resistance laminate in the market. DEBO® produces Labench® for worktops in laboratories or hospitals requiring highest International standards.


DEBO® Labench® Worktop
DEBO® Labench® Chemresist Laminate






Material Properties

Physical Properties

Density weight

≥1.35 g/cm³ (ISO1183)

Optical properties

Immersion in boiling water (100°C water for 2 hours)

> Mass increase

0.5 % (EN438-2)

> Thickness increase

0.36 % (EN438-2)

> Appearance

Rating 5 (EN438-2)

Mechanical properties

Resistance to wet conditions

> Mass increase

1.2 % (EN438-2)

> Appearance

Rating 5 (EN438-2)

Dimensional stability at elevated temperature

> Longitudinal

0.14 % (EN438-2)

> Longitudinal

0.14 % (EN438-2)

Resistance to climate shock

> Flexural strength index

0.98 Ds (EN438-2)

> Flexural modulus index

0.98 Dm (EN438-2)

> Appearance

Rating 5 (EN438-2)

Resistance to impact by large diameter ball

> Indentation diameter
with drop height 1.8m

3.65 mm (EN438-2)

Flexural strength

≥120 Mpa (ISO178)

Flexural modulus

≥10000 Mpa (ISO178)

Tensile strength

≥70 Mpa (ISO527-2)

Tensile modulus

14600 Mpa (ISO527-2)

Resistance to fixing

> Thickness 6mm

≥2000 N (ISO13894-1)

> Thickness 8mm

≥3000 N (ISO13894-1)

> Thickness 10mm

≥5000 N (ISO13894-1)

SO2 gas corrosion test

4-5 Contrast Appearance (DIN50018)

Resistance to wet heat

Rating 5 (EN438-2)

Resistance to crazing

Rating 5 (EN438-2)

Light Fastness

Rating 4-5 (EN438-2)

Resistance to scratching

Rating 3 (EN438-2)

Resistance to staining

Rating 5 (EN438-2)

Safe properties

Reaction to fire (on request)

Euroclass Bs1-d0 (EN13501-1)

Release of formaldehyde

Class E1 (EN717-1)


PASS (SEFA3-2010)